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About Braveheart

Our Mission

Our mission is to strengthen our community's response to child abuse through prevention, intervention and advocacy.

Image by Antonio Janeski


At Braveheart, we're here to help kids and teens when something really tough happens, like if they've experienced abuse or witnessed a scary crime. Before Children's Advocacy Centers, young ones had to tell their story again and again to different people from different places, which could be really hard. But now, at Braveheart, a special team of helpers comes together, including folks from the Illinois Department of Children and Family Services, the police, the State’s Attorney’s Office, and other caring professionals.

This team effort means kids don't have to repeat their story so many times. Instead, they talk with just one person while others watch from a different room on a TV. This talk is recorded so that what the child or teen says is remembered exactly. Our Braveheart team is there for families every step of the way, providing support during the investigation and even when it goes to court.

We stay in touch with everyone involved in the case and keep families up to date as things move along. Our team offers lots of help, like advocacy (which means speaking up for what's right), teaching families about what's going on, helping with all the paperwork, and making sure families know where to get extra support if they need it.

Braveheart started in Cambridge back in 1999 to help Henry County, and since then, we've teamed up with even more counties like Marshall, Putnam, Stark, and Bureau, because every child deserves a safe and supportive place to turn to during tough times.


292 South East Road, Suite A,
Cambridge, IL 61238

500 Elm Place, 

Princeton, IL 61356

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