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Our mission is to strengthen our community's response to child abuse through prevention, intervention and advocacy.

Image by Raychan

Our Core Values

Kids Come First, Always

The voice of the children and families we serve is the starting place for everything we do. We are 
respectful to their individual needs and committed to creating a culture of acceptance and inclusivity 
across a wide spectrum of diversity. The joy of our work is empowering children to speak their truths and 
to foster hope and healing

One Team, One Purpose

We know that children and families benefit when our team effectively works together. We are a cohesive 
unit, setting aside our personal agendas and working towards our shared mission and values. We are 
comfortable with our strengths and weaknesses and believe outcomes are improved through 
collaboration with our multi-disciplinary teams and community partners.

Innovation is Opportunity

The children and families we serve deserve our very best, we don’t settle for good enough. We strive to 
be a leader in redefining the standard of excellence in everything we do. Therefore, we are open to ideas 
that challenge conventional views. The only constant in life is change and we believe that in order to 
make a difference we must constantly adapt to our community’s needs.

Courage to Lead With Integrity

We are dedicated to our work and take full responsibility for our duties. We make intentional decisions 
that lead to the right changes for the right reasons. We promote programs and practices that result in 
measurable outcomes based on data. We have high standards of professionalism and take pride in 
performing our work with the highest levels of integrity.

Remember Your Why

It’s not about what we do, it’s about who we do it for. The heartbeat of our agency is selflessly working 
for a cause greater than ourselves. We each have a reason for doing this important work. Our respective 
“why” is the foundation that motivates every member of our team and allows us to provide hope to 
children and families during difficult times.

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