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Join our league of champions by becoming a sponsor at one of our exciting levels! With a donation of $1,000 or more, you'll be recognized as a Superhero, wielding unparalleled strength in supporting our cause. As an Avenger at the $750 level, your contribution helps assemble a formidable force for good. Embrace your inner Crusader with a gift of $500, standing tall in defense of children's rights. For $250, our Fantastic sponsors help fuel our mission with their incredible generosity. Even a donation of $100 makes you an Incredible ally, providing vital support to our endeavors. And don't forget our Sidekick sponsors, whose contributions of $50 may be small in size but are mighty in impact, standing by our side in the fight for children's advocacy. No matter the level, every sponsorship plays a heroic role in our mission!

Boom! Zap! Pow! A massive thank you to our Superhero 5k's Sponsors, the real heroes behind the scenes! Their support is like a superhero's cape, lifting us to new heights and helping us spread our mission with lightning speed. With their generosity, we're able to be the guardians of hope for children in need. Together, we're a dynamic group fighting for a brighter, safer world for every child. Thank you to our sponsors for being our superheroes!

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Crusader Sponsors

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