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Braveheart Garden

of Hope and Healing

At Braveheart Children's Advocacy Center, we believe in the healing power of art. That's why we're creating the Garden of Hope and Healing, a serene space where children and families can find solace and support. Each painted rock in the garden symbolizes strength, resilience, and the journey toward healing. By painting rocks, we're not just creating art; we're fostering a sense of community and offering a tangible reminder that hope and healing are possible.

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Our Healing Arts

(so far)

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Children who come through our center are also invited to paint rocks, which can serve as personal tokens of their strength and courage. Similarly, children in our youth support groups and classrooms can participate in this therapeutic activity, fostering creativity and emotional expression.

We welcome donations of painted rocks from the community, each one adding to the beauty and meaning of our garden. Additionally, schools or groups interested in hosting a rock painting session can contact us to arrange a meaningful activity that supports healing and hope for children in need. Email

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